business drive GDPR Update

May 25, 2018
Stephan Mahler

Our business drive has received a minor update. Basically, adjustments were made regarding the new GDPR guidelines. Amongst other things:

Permanent deletion of files

In the web client (, files can now be “permanently deleted” after being deleted.
Just show “Deleted Files” in the menu and then click on “Delete permanently“. Attention: After that, no restore is possible Not even by us!

Additional Updates:

  • Under Devices now browsers are displayed so that they can be blocked if necessary.
  • Right-click on a share -> “Storage” shows information about the storage usage in this share.
  • Restore History has been upgraded. This gives you an even stronger tool to keep up working quickly after a “Crypto Virus”.
  • LDAPS for an encrypted LDAP / Active Directory connection is now supported.
  • New (RESTFul API) have been implemented.
  • Windows Phones are no longer supported, but the responsive design has been improved.
  • Couple of additional minor updates, bugfixes and customizations.