All-inclusive IT

We can be your IT department.
With the all-inclusive flat-fee model.

As an SMB, you need to be able to work highly efficiently. Especially for your IT, the build-up of know-how and resources can be very intensive. Risks are often difficult to assess and to keep track of. Let us relieve you of the IT burden!

  • Complete IT infrastructure from the cloud
  • Support team with personal contacts, available 24/7 if you like
  • Calculable costs with Service-level-Agreement

Our team is at your disposal as a fast and competent IT outsourcing partner. On request, we would also be happy to support your existing IT team in selected areas. Learn more here.

How we can support you

Guide prices for all-inclusive IT

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Your advantages with the all-inclusive model

We operate and look after your entire IT infrastructure. Our professionals take care of the architecture, availability, monitoring, backup, and recovery. With flat-fee support, your employees receive support quickly in the event of problems and can remain productive without long interruptions.

Cloud infrastructure

We operate your IT securely in the cloud, regardless of location or device. Either in our own infrastructure or in the Microsoft cloud.
  • Any location and any device
  • ISO-27001- and FINMA-compliant
  • Backup and monitoring included

Outstanding support

Our support team has received multiple awards. We provide quick, competent, and friendly help.
  • Personal contacts
  • SLA up to 24/7 if desired
  • ProCloud Center app

Flat-fee model

The flat-fee model makes your IT a fixed budget item and supports the productivity of your employees.
  • Calculable costs
  • Employee empowerment
  • OpEx instead of CapEx