Why Procloud

Our customers and our employees are our most important asset.

Since starting from scratch back in 2012, we have been pleased with every new customer. We regularly like to celebrate that as a team. The enthusiasm for our customers is deep in our culture and we want you to feel it:

  • We have been named Microsoft Partner of the Year and a Microsoft Gold Partner.
  • We have a recommendation rate of 8.73/10 stars and over 500 customers
  • We offer outstanding support (4.7/5 stars)
  • We are ISO-27001 and FINMA RS 08/7-compliant
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Why ProCloud

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Over 500 customers and a recommendation rate of 8.73/10

We have references from enterprises ranging in size from 2 to 450,000 employees. Our Net Promoter Score (probability of a recommendation) was 8.73/10 stars in the last annual survey conducted among our customers.

Microsoft Partner of the Year and Microsoft Gold Partner

We particularly like working with Microsoft and Microsoft likes working with us. This was confirmed by being awarded Microsoft Partner of the Year Award (3 second-place finishes), Gold Partner status, and recognition as an Early Adopter because we were the first to use Microsoft's Swiss data center.

Outstanding Support (4,7/5)

We want you to have the very best support experience. Our goal is to respond to your concerns within 15 minutes. When we ask our customers what they particularly value about us, they invariably mention the fast and reliable support first. Our rating in the last annual survey: 4.7/5 stars.

We are ISO 27001 certified

Agility is important to us. But so are processes that actually function. We therefore subject our processes and procedures to regular ISO 27001 audits. The data centers we use are also ISO 27001 certified.