Enterprise Cyber Defense Center

World's leading artificial intelligence and 24/7 security operations

Our Enterprise Cyber Defense Center combines the strengths of the world’s leading artificial cyber intelligence with our fast and efficient 24/7 security operations center.

  • Self-learning enterprise immune system
  • Proactive Security Operation Center (24/7)
  • Installed in less than an hour

The Enterprise Immune System detects threats on the network layer in real time. It combines the knowledge of the best human cyber analysts with the speed of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


You don’t need your own personnel to provide a cyber security detection and response service up to 24/7 internally. With decades of experience in data center operations and our award-winning support, ProCloud delivers a first-class security operations center based on the world’s leading cyber AI solution.

Hackers usually acquire detailed knowledge over days or weeks without being noticed which then lets them conduct a targeted, yet comprehensive attack. If they are only interested in data, they can sometimes go undetected for years.
Patrice Steiner
Cloud Security Engineer

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Detection & response

We close every gap in your cyber security
  • World's leading artificial intelligence
  • Coverage for your entire enterprise
  • Detection of undiscovered anomalies in the network

Security operation center

Cyber security with our full-service team
  • Detection and response team
  • In-depth case analysis
  • Proactive 24/7 SLA

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Competent experts, understandable and transparent communication
  • Threat reporting
  • Excellent visualization
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