Security Assessment

Security risks.
An overview of your risks

Our security assessment is designed to give you an overview of the current situation in your enterprise. You will also receive a framework for systematic improvements to your IT security.

  • We work together to define the scope of the assessment.
  • 360° overview of your current situation
  • Report with recommendations for measures

We first collect the information necessary to give you an overview of your security-relevant hotspots. We then discuss the security framework and recommended measures for your enterprise with you.

How you benefit from the security assessment

Systematic evaluation of your current situation

IT security made understandable and practicable
We attach great importance to the fact that your IT security needs to be a tangible and practicable topic for you, too. Based on our analysis of your current situation, we develop possible improvements that your enterprise can actually implement. We won't force any excessive, unsuitable catalog of measures on you.
Let’s Talk Benefits

An overview of your advantages

Precisely defined scope

Tailored to your enterprise and your requirements
  • Clarify your expectations
  • Precisely defined service
  • Transparent costs

Professional assessment

Well-documented and detailed analysis of your current situation
  • Comprehensive procurement of information
  • Execution of tests and vulnerability scans
  • Analysis of the current situation

Reports and recommendations

Find a workable way to improve the situation
  • «Executive friendly» management summary
  • Identify your risk profile and hotspots
  • Security framework and catalog of measures