Basel data center

Basel data center. Our location in the north of Switzerland

Data centers are of central importance in the cloud sector. Especially the factors of location, security, and infrastructure significantly affect the quality of service.

Switzerland as a data center location brings several location advantages. In particular, the high level of economic stability, sound public finances, low inflation and a strong legal system contribute to excellent attractiveness.

The references of the data center in Basel include public authorities (police authorities) as well as leading global corporations and companies from the finance and health sectors.

The Datacenter in Basel was opened in 2009 and is located near the motorway exit with an earthquake-proof construction. With ISO-27001-audited processes, the Tier-3 data center (fail-safe N+1 concept) offers 24×7 monitoring and carrier-neutral operation that not only meets the highest compliance standards, but exceeds all technical requirements.

Let’s Talk Benefits

Data center standards

High-security location

Separation system, 24/7 surveillance

Audited data center

Per ISO 27001:2013 and FINMA RS 08/7

Tier 3 level

Fail safe N+1 concept

Redundant fiberoptic, copper cables

Separate feeds into the building, carrier-neutral

Redundant power connections

Separate feeds into the building

Earthquake-proof construction

Building-in-building construction