Infrastructure as a Service Revolution!

Dec 17, 2017
Stephan Mahler

For 1.1.2018 we are happy to announce two surprises for our “Swiss Infrastructure as a Service” product:

  • We are expanding our offering with an additional “budget server series“, thus closing a gap for all test / staging or generally non-productive servers / containers.
  • At the same time, we are lowering the memory price by -20% for our existing Speed ​​Series.

Thus we adapt our prices to the international comparison (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, …). This is revolutionary news! But nobody can compare our unbeatable support, which we offer not only for all our products but also for the management of cloud services on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. With our portfolio we are not in competition with the major players but offer the customer the choice and a complete management from a single source.

Details about the ProCloud IaaS Speed ​​Series (existing) – Switzerland

We launched our Speed ​​Server series with the Gen 3.0 release this year (Video). 100% SSD and premium hardware for performance in insanity mode, fully redundant systems for maximum availability, a new cloud portal with all features and fantastic support. Of course we want to keep that and at the same time offer competitive prices.
Despite a doubling of memory prices in the market, we see action potential at our memory price. Due to our growth and scaling effects, we are lowering the memory prices by a whopping 20% ​​(!) From 24.40 CHF / month to 19.52 CHF / month. All our customers get unexpectedly some air in the budget 2018! Possibly for one or the other additional service from ProCloud? 😉

Details about the ProCloud IaaS Budget Series (new) – Switzerland

Our Speed ​​Series remains our standard series. However, for customers who want to run servers / containers that are not critical to operations – such as test, staging servers or other non-productive systems – we have re-launched our “Budget Series”. The series is characterized by the price. With a price that can not only keep up with the international providers, but also undercut them:

Memory Price Budget Serie: 9.90 CHF/Month/1GB
vCPU Price Budget Serie: 5.- CHF/Month/1CPU
Storage Price Budget Serie: 0.1 CHF/Month/1GB

The budget series is also managed with our new cloud portal and thus has all the features available (remote console, server, container, load balancer, firewall / networking management, autobackup, templates, etc.).

The comparison between the ProCloud IaaS Budget Series (Switzerland), Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud

A comparison with the Microsoft Azure A series which is also for test servers and therefore priced under the Azure standard series (most favorable Azure server series):

Server Azure A-Serie (Basic)  Azure A-Serie (Standard) ProCloud Budget Serie
(1CPU, 1.75 GB Memory)
20.30 CHF/Month 43.02 CHF/Month 22.33 CHF/Month
(4CPU, 7GB Memory)
134.77 CHF/Month 172.05 CHF/Month 89.30 CHF/Month
(8CPU, 14GB Memory)
269.54 CHF/Month 343.79 CHF/Month 178.60 CHF/Month

Notes: Basic means Azure limits IOPS (Disk Speed) and CPU performance. EUR/CHF current market price. As of 16.12.17

A comparison with the Amazon EC2 series:

Server Amazon EC2  ProCloud Budget Serie
(1CPU, 2 GB Memory)
18.30 CHF/Month 24.80 CHF/Month
(2CPU, 8GB Memory)
73.78 CHF/Month 89.20 CHF/Month
(4CPU, 16GB Memory)
147.57 CHF/Month 178.40 CHF/Month

Notes: EC 2 Location Ireland, General Purpose – Current Generation. USD/CHF 1:1. As of 17.12.17

A comparison with the Google Cloud Platform:

Server Google Cloud ProCloud Budget Serie
(1CPU, 3.75GB Memory)
31.27 CHF/Monat 42.12 CHF/Monat
(2CPU, 7GB Memory)
62.55 CHF/Monat 84.25 CHF/Monat
(4CPU, 15GB Memory)
125.09 CHF/Monat 168.50 CHF/Monat

Notes: Google Cloud Location London EU. USD/CHF 1:1. As of 17.12.17


The comparison between the ProCloud IaaS Speed ​​and Budget Series

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