#MeetTheTeam: Amy – Marketing Manager

Jan 20, 2017
Stephan Mahler
Stephan Mahler


Born in Zofingen and raised in Switzerland and Bosnia, languages have always been a big part of my education. Being fluent in German, English and Bosnian as well as having some decent French and Spanish language skills give me the ability to communicate with over 860 Million people in their native language. The connections, as well as differences between languages and development of language skills are fascinating. According to Watzlawick’s communication theory one cannot not communicate; resulting in sharing and receiving information 24/7 even before the invention of the World Wide Web. Communication also finds itself in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs belonging to the third level: social needs. As you might have noticed I’m fascinated with communication on its micro as well as macro levels and its impact on people, society and business. Therefore, I have found myself studying Communication Science and Media Research at the University of Fribourg.

Besides English literature, ancient Myths and Neil Gaimann (a fantastic author) my biggest passion has been dancing. And although I have never been the rooting-for-one-sport type of person, I have found some sort of enthusiasm for American Football (#goDolphins). To me it’s all about strategy, keeping track and skill. These three things can be translated to many fields that surround us, especially business. Staying focused on the target and teamwork is what makes us go forward one yard (or step) at a time. Keeping track with technology, partnerships with important players and focus on customer satisfaction, amongst other things, is what makes a great business. I believe that ProCloud is in that game and therefore I’m very excited to be part of this team.

Amina Tolja – Marketing Manager

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